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Smart Guide

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Sales price: 99,20 €

It is a portable electronic device of navigation and of further multiple functions for visually impaired people.

First of all, as a navigation device with technology based on the use of sensors of ultrasounds, it detects obstacles and gaps in a distance of 0,10m - 4,00m from the person using it, which are declared through a specific sound or vibration signal. The user determines the maximum distance that he/she wishes to check and this way they have the information needed relatively to obstacles on the street, a loggia or a crack in a pavement, the move at the queue line when at a bank e.t.c. Furthermore, thanks to an incorporated sensor, it can sense the light and the level of it (how bright or dark it is).

The user can also connect it with external sensors -which are sold separately from the device- so as to set on extra functions, quite useful. Indicatively, this way the user can be informed about the level of the liquid in vessels, glasses or pots, as well as about whether the pilots of devices are on or off.

Τhe device is digital and therefore, the user has the opportunity to update the program, depending on the needs occurred. The significant assets of the Smart Guide is that it is a greek product, produced at the workshops of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, mostly by blind and visually impaired people. It has low production cost and its price is 90% lower compared to competitive products of its item abroad. There is proper functioning guarantee given and high quality after sales services offered. Its promotion on the market contributes to the finance of the association and the maintenance of the working positions for blind workers.

Of course, the use of the Smart Guide is supplementary to the white cane’s, since the latter is important, not only for the visually impaired ones, but also as an indicator for the sighted ones.  The device addresses needs of visually impaired people of all ages, aiming to their social inclusion, safety and independence in all aspects of their personal and professional life.