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White Cane Celebration at the National Historical Museum



On Saturday, October 13th, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, along with the National Historical Museum, organized an informational event, dedicated to the International White Cane Day.

The event took place at the premises of the National Historical Museum and was focused not only on the significance of the white cane and the Braille writing system, but also on the significance of developing good practices and offering new ways of experiencing and approaching the history, the knowledge and the culture to the blind and partially sighted people.

More specifically, there was presentation of the results of the collaboration of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece with the National Historical Museum of Greece (NHM) in terms of the project under the title “A Touch of History!”, that was co-founded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation through the Cultural Heritage without Borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina/Balkan Museum Network-with special reference on the touch tour and the verbal description of it.

On behalf of the N.H.M. there were speeches given by the coordinators of the project, Mr Mazarakis-Ainian and Mrs Kalaintzi, whereas on behalf of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece by the President, Mr Mpassias, the Vice-President and person in charge of the Cultural actions, Mrs Roukoutaki, the guide for visually impaired people in work of arts, Mrs Gkika and the blind tour guide of the Tactual Museum, Mrs Lappa.

There most interesting and touching part the event though, was the presentation of the results of the project by the perspective of some of the blind people that took part in the special touch tour applied at the N.I.M., such as,  Mr Panagiotis Kalkounis, Mrs Vaitsa Lappou, Mrs Christina Skandali and Mr Thodoris Konstas. All of them shared their unique experience of finally accessing permanent collections of it and underlined the need for enhancing such an attempt.

The event was quite successful and was attended by many people, including Mrs Stratigakou, Cashier of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece; the conclusion was the social and cultural need for relevant innovative, coordinated actions and cooperations for establishing different approaches, adjusted to the needs of all citizens.