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Traditional Dance Performance, Saturday 12th, May



On May 12th, the Traditional Dance Team of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece gave an excellent dance performance with the title: «Gia kativati stou houro», at the cultural forecourt of its facilities.

This event was a unique cultural and social meeting of blind and sighted dancers, against stereotypes and towards the enhancement of the cultural heritage, since there was also dance performance by four other traditional dance groups, that honored us with their presence:

Τhe Group «Sta hromata tis paradossis»

The Group «Pontion Serra»

The Αsia Minor Group of Kaisariani «Asia Minor Artaki Kyzikou»

The Greek Group of Traditional Dances «Hgehoros»


The event was attended by many friends and beneficiaries of the association, as well as by Mr Mpassias, the President of the Board of Directors, Mrs Roukoutaki and Mr Zakkas, Vice Presidents, Mrs Katsarou, General Secretary, Mrs Stratigakou, Cashier and Mrs Tzevelekou, Member and at the same time member of the Traditional Dance Group of the association.

We were also honored by the presence of Mr Dedes, Μember of Parliament with Syriza, Mr Kalamatianos, former General Secretary of the Ministry of Marine and former Administrator of IKA,  Mr Lyras, Consul of Brazil in Greece, Mr Sifakis, Representative of the National Federation for the Blind of Greece and the Panhellenic Association of the Blind, Mrs Damoulianou, Member of the municipal council of Kallithea, Mrs Margariti, Member of the municipal council of Kallithea, Mr Parianos, representative of municipal party of Kallithea, Mr Evangelou, Member of the Board of Directors of the American Friends for the Blind in Greece and representatives by the traditional dance group «Paradossiaki Floga».

The whole event was very successful and after the performance all the dancers and especially the unique team of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece received an ongoing applause by the enthused attendants, as a truly authentic expression of their approval and admiration.

We heartily thank the Municipality of Kallithea, for the kind offer of the dance platform and  the Petros Zissis Foundation for the offer of the traditional uniforms of the area of Samos, for the relevant needs of the show and of course the sponsor of the event, VIKOS S.A.,  for the kind offer of soft drinks and bottles of water.