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“The Portrait of a Madonna” &“The Lady of Larkspur Lotion”of Williams Tennessee.

On March, 8th, the Theatrical Team of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, successfully presentedat its facilities two one act plays, dedicated to women’s stories: “The Portrait of a Madonna” &“The Lady of Larkspur Lotion”of Williams Tennessee.

The highly talented amateur actors-members our team that took part in the performance were: Μrs Roukoutaki, Mrs Christodoulou, Mrs Aslanoglou, Mrs Gouvatsou, Mrs Kotrotsou, Mr Mouroukos and Mr Kalkounis and the art director was Mr Mataragas.

The reception hall was full and after the performance the actors and director received an ongoing applause by the enthused attendants, as a truly authentic expression of their approval and admiration.

After that, Mr Mpassias, the President of our Board of Directors, congratulated the theatrical team and underlined its uniqueness and social offer, as well as the need for support not only of it, but also the Lighthouse in general, by private and governmental sectors, at this financially difficult period.

There also was a speech given by Mr Balafas, Minister of Migration Policy, who honored the theatrical team, as well as the total non-stop effort made by the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece and committed himshelf for support to our actions in any possible way.

We were also honored by the presence of Mrs Skoufa, representative of the President of the Greek Parliament, Mr Voutsi and Mrs Psaraki, representative of the John S. Latsis Charitable Foundation that have been supporting significant programs of our association for the last two years.

We were also happy to welcome Mrs Eleftheriou and Mr Stavrou, representatives of the Interamerican Company, supporter of our Theatrical Team for the last years.

There were also some other representatives of our Board of Directors: Μr Zakkas, Vice President B’, Mrs Katsarou, General Secretary, Mrs Stratigakou, Cashier and Mrs Maleza, Member.

We heartily thank all those who were by our side at this evening, friends, benefators, staff and volunteers and of course we commit ourselves for even more successful performances in the forthcoming period.

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece has always been fighting and innovating in the field of social offer to the blind community and society in general and therefore its support for the continuance of its multiple actions and services, emerges as a great social necessity.