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Visit at theMuseum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

On Wednesday 15th of March, within the program “Visit tours of Spring 2016” in cooperation with Very Special Arts, a visit took place in the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments with the participation of 15 members of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece and their escorts.


Through the tour which was conducted by a specialized guide, the visitors had the opportunity to come in touch not only with well–known but also with forgotten instruments from the 18h century to the present day. The musical journey started by getting to know about each instrument’s history, ending up to the audio description of its sound.  Through the interactive character of the visit, the participants had the opportunity to listen to every each instrument through special acoustic system with music examples. At the same time, some of the instruments were played by the guide live.  Through audiovisual material that referred to customs and rituals the visitors could easily understand the connection between the musician the instrument the purpose and the enjoyment of traditional music.