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On 20 January 2016, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece hosted the New Year’s cake cutting ceremony at its facilities.

The whole event was quite successful, in a quite optimistic and warm atmosphere, with the presence of many members and friends of our association.

The program started with some religious choral songs, byzantine carols and folk songs, delivered by chanters, ex members of the byzantine choir of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece.

 There was a vivid reference to the habits and way of life in Athens in the previous decades by Mr Mataragkas, person in charge of the Theatrical Workshop of  our association, and after the cake-cutting procedure there were unique songs by Mrs Panatzi- experienced singer-, accompanied with the well-known pianist Mr Papavassilopoulo.

The Board of Directors of The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece would like to express their thanks for the honor of their presence:

Mr Mpalafas Deputy Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, Mrs Fotiou, Alternate Minister of Social Solidarity, Μr Avgoulas, Representative of Minister of  Interior-Μr Kouroumplis, Μr Dedes, Member of Parliament, Mrs Samara Representative of the Member of Parliament-Mr Koumoutaskos,  Mr Karnavos-Mayor of Kallithea, along with Mr Kyriakopoulos-Deputy Mayor of Culture, Mr Kostakis-Deputy Mayor of Environment, Mr Pashou- Deputy Mayor of Social practices, Mr Rodakis represenrartive of Syriza party, Mr Pehlivanidis from ANEL PARTY, Mr Eskioglou and Mr Haropoulos from Potami party, Mrs Geroulanou President of the Greek Guide Dogs, Mrs Leotsakou administrator of ΚΕΑΤ,  Μr Papaioannou Vice-president of KEAT, Mr Papavassilopoulos General Secretary of the Panhellenic Society of Blind People, Mr Markostamos General Secretary of Panhellenic Association for the Blind, Mr Tsipidas from  ΕΕΕΕΚ of blind and multidisabled ones, Mr Patsi from National nursing home for infants, Mr Lazou from Protoporia, Mr Fytos and Mrs Ioannidou from the Acropolis’ Friends, Mrs κα Lily Chen from Taiwan Embassy, Mrs Gerasimidou International Way to Happiness Foundation, Mrs pantelakou from World in Harmony association, Mr Daskalopoulos from Thiseas union, Mr Oikonomou from Technometal, Mr Mpezerianos from BSH, Mr Pantazis from Intracom-Telecom

The President and the rest of members of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece heartily wish you a good year full of prosperity and solidarity.