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On Friday, October 23, 2015, Τhe Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece with a group of 14 members (people with visual impairment and their companions),visited the National Museum of Greece.

This action has allowed the participants to have a unique experience of browsing the museum's new exhibition entitled "A dream between magnificent -about ruins in Athens of sightseers 17th-19th century."

During the walk, with the help of responsible guides, participants came in tactile contact, experienced the history of art and characteristics of Athenian monuments of ancient Athens that were rescued from deterioration due to wars and are unimpeachable witnesses of these disasters. Through storytelling they gained knowledge about the history of each sculpture and the circumstances that led to their survival until today and the role of the archaeological service in protection and emergence.

The visit ended with heartfelt thanks of participants to guides for the excellent organization of the whole action and positive emotions.