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The TIMA Charitable Foundation greatly supported the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece in 2014;

this grant specifically: a. the purchase of a mechanical press for the production of metal products, b. the provision of raw materials for the production of metal products and c. the provision of materials for the knitting and macramé workshops. The knitting and macramé workshops are highly frequented by elders some of who have recently become blind.

The TIMA Charitable Foundation greatly supported the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece in 2016 in the following sections;

a.The fulfillment of renovation works in the three audio books recording Studios for the sound insulation, insuring this way the quality of the audio book production, as well as the working conditions of the Lighthouse for the Blind’s personnel-readers.

b.The production of new audio books (88), so as to enrich the enlisted titles of the specific library, covering this way the constant needs for information, entertainment and recreational company of all the beneficiaries of the Lending Library and especially the elderly.

This grant is of a longlasting and promising character, since it regards one of the most important departments of our association and assures the unhindered function of it, by helping it being compatible to the demanding needs of the beneficiaries for audio books in quantity and quality aspect.


The TIMA Charitable Foundation is supporting through their kind donation the implementation of the “Health Promotion & active ageing for the blind” Program, by our Social Services Department for the period 2018-2019.

 This innovative Program directly addresses the needs of the elderly, regarding at the same time matters of prevention and control of health issues and practical difficulties related to the vision loss, through the provision of targeted services by experts, as well as social isolation, through their engagement with counseling, social and cultural